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Nigeria is one of Africa’s most vibrant and exciting countries to visit, with exotic locations, rich culture and history, natural landmarks, thriving wildlife, magnificent mountains, amazing waterfalls and beautiful cities.

VisitAssist Adventure (VAAD) tour offers an unparalleled opportunity with our tour Packages through experienced tour guides to make experiences thrilling and memorable.


To move around during your short stay, VisitAssist affordable car hire services is always your preferred option. Depending on your request, we have a fleet of cars made-ready for your pleasure.
Other modes of transport within the country can also be arranged.



Most essential activities are tied to having an I.D or Bank Account, through our support services at VisitAssist we can help to facilitate an express process of the National Identity Number (NIN),  the enrolment of Bank verification Number(BVN) and the smooth Opening of Bank Account.

Medical Services

The unexpected can happen while on a trip, this could be an Injury, Accident, Illness or taking a test or vaccine before returning to place of destination. Whatever it is, VisitAssist offers an adequate medical support arrangement with a highly reputable hospital.

photo of a hotel room

Pre-arranged accommodation

Sometimes you just want a cosy and serene place to stay during your visit. At VisitAssist, we have an array of cool accommodation fitting for both singles and families. Our accommodation is well secured, exquisitely furnished and suited for a variety of events. Home assistance can also be provided on request.

Aide/security services

Security of life and Property are the most vital concern on every trip, through our network VisitAssist guarantee a safe protection through your journey. Trained and licensed security operatives can be mobilized for your protection and safety based on request.

image of a courier parcel

Courier / Forwarding of goods

Getting your goods promptly to your desired location sometimes could be a hassle. Be it luggage, Imported Cars, Trucks or any sorts of Items, VisitAssist assures you of timely and safe delivery of your products to any location within the country.




For your events and ceremonies, VisitAssist renders a well packaged customized services exclusively designed gift items, souvenirs and presents. Our uniqueness is in our design and excellent artwork which would always fascinate your guests, friends and families.