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Explore the Beauty of Nigeria with VisitAssist

VisitAssist the #1 Tourist Service in Nigeria. We are team of travel experts, tour guides, security personnel, property agents, medical practitioners and Business administrators who are experienced and passionate in promoting tourism in Nigeria.

The company was founded in December, 2021 by BOA after a decade of travelling around Nigeria discovering the magnificence and beauty of the country. The adventures were not only amazing but also redefines cutting edge exploration of places where traditions are retained and exclusively unique.


Unlike most tour services, our team has the personal experience and expertise of the country, so that when contacted, we are able to offer well-informed first-hand advice. We’ve travelled the roads, seen the sights and met people that you can expect to encounter during the trip, this enables us to offer a much better service than any other company. VisitAssist also provides other range of services apart from tourism, they are Car Hire, Accommodation, Security, Medical, Courier, I.D and Account facilitation and a gift item store.

Customer Service

As a small organisation we get to know our customers well and offer a level of service that is hard to match, we treat our customer as we will like to be treated, with courtesy, understanding, where no question is silly nor request too small or large to make. We also appreciate that you may not be able to discuss travel plans within the working hours so we offer a call back service at a time which suits our customers. We love our customers and enjoy going the extra mile for them of whom many have become friends.

Tailor Made Service

We provide a bespoke one-stop shop service for all travel needs while in Nigeria from the Airport Pickup on arrival all through to the drop-off on return. Although many of our tours and services are mainly solos and small groups with set date and time, we help in creating, designing trips and services to suit request and budget. If unsure of what to see and do, Just Contact Us.

We also organise trips for business, leisure or special events, our phenomenal services are second to none and our goal is to always provide a worry-free service to our customers.

Enjoy the trip of a lifetime. We are here for you!